Thu 04 23 2015

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The only country

We appeal to the world public, scientific and political community with a statement about the need to stop any kind of aggression on the territory of Ukraine!

We appeared before the face of the new interstate and global social challenges not currently threatening only Ukraine but all over the world!

Atmosphere of general international tension associated with anxiety developments in Ukraine, led world leaders to take responsibility for a global future of human civilization. Existing principles of global processes shown to be ineffective resolution of key problems in the future as individual local regions and global world space.

On the threshold of a new international watershed in relations between America, Europe and Asia, Ukraine became a kind of testing ground to simulate models of global opposition actors in the context of building a new political structure of the world.

Under the conditions of formation of the prerequisites for a "new Cold War of the XXI century " ambition dominant forces in global geopolitics trends negate the new global culture of dialogue understanding between citizens and the state . In the context of these events is lost idea maximize the interests of the individual is opposing ethnic , religious, political, racial or other differences of the sovereign states of the world . Human rights in the existing realities become something secondary in relation to the positional permutations planetary hegemony of political and economic elites, state and transnational entities.

For the sake of ideological flared throw the whole country, the people, the nation. This leads to irreversible consequences, both for individual and entire societies sacrificed fate of all mankind.

The Black Sea region, with its ethnic, cultural and religious variegation should be an example for the world community, a kind of guide, both regional and global balance between the poles of equivalent national identity states.

It is the idea of sovereignty and independence is a defining constant stable development of modern states and the concept of humanism and equality guarantee of the harmonious development of the world. Unification of the human right to self-determination in the global structure of cultural diversity and the primacy of civic virtue in any case should not be trampled on for the sake of the interests of the second and third parties.

The world community must move away from double standards of morality and evaluation of what is happening in Ukraine, which just led to catastrophic consequences. Some countries want to see Ukraine in its sphere of direct influence, despite the rights and desires of the citizens of the country are creating conditions of distrust and aggression.

We oppose any unfriendly acts against the sovereignty of Ukraine, its integrity and independence. We insist on the need for constructive dialogue between equal subjects of international law on the basis of the principles of government, socio-political, cultural and ethnic equality of peoples and nations. Parity and openness of discussion should be an integral part of the modern geopolitical discourse between Ukraine and its partners.

In these circumstances, Ukraine, like its neighbors can and should be the benchmark, a kind of harbinger of new civilizational trends in the settlement of inter-state and inter-cultural contradictions of the global order for all mankind!

Common efforts we are able to prevent the onset of a "new Cold War" threatening world peace!

Sergey Teleshun

Director of the Institute of Public Administration

and Local Self-Governance, Head of Department of Political Analysis

and Forecasting of the National Academy of Public Administration,

the President of Ukraine,

Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine,

Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor


Yuriy Saukh

Ph.D. in Philosophy,

Associate Professor of Department of Political Analysis

and Forecasting of the National Academy of Public Administration,

the President of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Science

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